Ramping up for Spring

On March 13, 2015 by Shawn

I love this time of year. Our makeshift greenhouse (it’s actually our pumphouse equipped with a heater, lights, and a fan) is full of little sprouting seedlings, our goats are shedding their winter coats, and our pasture is a rich shade of mud. OK, I’m not crazy about the jud part, but I do realize that it means some big growth this Spring and Summer, so I’m OK with that.


Last weekend’s time change is also exciting for me because Sarah and I usually spend more time farming after the kids go to bed (8:30 p.m.) than in the middle of the day. Pretty soon we won’t need flashlights anymore, and that’s always exciting.


The warmer weather also motivated me to go out and clean up my neglected workshop, and I got back into making some things from reclaimed wood. Most of the wood I use in my woodworking projects is from our own old barn as I replace boards, but I also bought a whole truck-load from a neighbor who tore down his barn after the tornadoes came through in 2011. I feel like there’s a real connection with giving life to that old wood, so it’s important to me. Here are a few of my recent projects:


An American flag I made out of old local barnwood and pallets. It’s pretty huge, and I made it for Sarah for Christmas.


A mail and keyholder I made from old cedar fence boards.


I’m learning to weld! This means even more possibilities for projects in metal, too.


Other than that, everything else is going great. Our chickens never stopped laying this winter, which is SUCH a blessing. Last year they stopped for almost four months, and this year we just kept feeding them so they never lost that momentum. Winter is usually such a bad time for finances because we’re buying more feed and hay than ever before, while production of eggs goes way down, but even with 75% production rates, it helped tremendously.


And now, as I glance over my winter to-do list and try to figure out what takes priority before next month’s big garden planting time, I really look forward to what 2015 will bring.

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