Household pets

Hemi Hemi is an old man. He’s a Maine Coon cat that can hardly push out a croak of a meow these days, but he’s the most affectionate, loyal cat I’ve ever had. I found him as a stray 12 years ago when he was scratching at my front door, looking for some shelter from the cold, and I’ve enjoyed every moment with him ever since. When he’s not jumping into my lap every time I sit down, he’s usually hiding from the kids or dogs.
Bamboo Bamboo is our resident bug-catcher. He lives to hunt down spiders and his dream is to one day catch a fly in mid-air. He chews the houseplants, lays in the middle of the hallway when we’re walking by and makes a point of terrorizing Hemi every chance he gets. But we love him.
Shelby We found Shelby at a local Humane Society shelter and immediately fell in love with her. She’s sweet-natured, calm, and even knows some good tricks. Her breed is Border Collie/Black Lab mix, and she’s about three years old, they tell us. We really couldn’t ask for a better dog.
smokey Smokey is a Great Pyrenees and probably the second coolest dog I’ve ever known. His hobbies include laying in mud and biting our billy goat Roy’s horns while Roy tries to head butt him. It makes for some good times, but he’s a wonderful dog and has kept the predators away from the other animals!

Farm Animals

donkey Our three donkeys were kinda legendary here on the farm, but we recently sold the original two and kept the stray brown one that wandered onto our property about 2 years ago. His names range from Kip to Craig to Brownie, depending on who you ask. He does a great job keeping coyotes away, and he’s gentle enough to be around the whole family.
Geese We got our geese in March of 2012 and plan to expand them even further in 2015. They’re mostly Chinese geese, but we have a Toulouse, too. They act as an alarm system for strange animals that might enter the yard, and they poop everywhere.
Chickens We’ve had chickens longer than any other animal here on the farm, so they hold a special place for us. We’re always expanding out chicken operation and selling eggs is one of the biggest parts of our business.
turkeys We’ve been raising turkeys for a few years now and really enjoy them. Not only do they provide plenty of delicious meat for our family, but we started selling them for Thanksgiving recently and that turned out well. We plan to keep offering Thanksgiving turkey every year.
ashaugust At one time, we had thirteen goats here on the farm, but we scaled them back tremendously and now only have three. August (the white Lamancha) is just about breeding age and Ash (the black Nubian) will be a milk goat when she’s old enough.
 sandy  Sandy is our milk goat. She’s about eight years old and just as nice as can be. We use her milk mostly for soap
 lavergne  Lavern is our trusty Jersey milk cow. We got her last summer and have so far made butter, ice cream, and cheese from her rich milk.
 apple  Appalachia (Apple for short) is Laverne’s new baby, born on December 13, 2014. She’s half Jersey and half Black Angus, but we’ll be keeping her as another milk cow.
 southpolls  Our South Poll cattle are brand new to the farm, but we plan to raise them as our first of many beef cattle using the rotational grazing method. From left to right, we have Biscuits, Beignet, and Brisket. We’ll keep Biscuits and Beignet as breeding heifers, but Brisket will be graduating to Freezer University next year.

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