White Ivy Farm is an organic farm situated atop Sand Mountain in northeast Alabama. Beginning as a family homestead, the farm is evolving into a full-time job for its owners, Shawn and Sarah Schuster.

The six-acre farm is home to four fenced pastures, an acre vegetable garden, a budding young apple orchard, rows of blueberry bushes, an 800-square-foot barn, and several outbuildings.

We use no pesticides, herbicides, or any other chemicals on our produce. Our animals are grass-fed and free-range, and our plants are fertilized by our animals, just as God intended.




RomasAt White Ivy Farm, our goal is to not only grow vegetables organically, but also to do it with the smallest footprint possible. We grow things the old fashioned way, while introducing technology to benefit efficiency.

Right now, we grow 17 different types of fruits and vegetables for our family, including watermelon, potatoes (2 varieties), sweet potatoes, sunflowers, bush beans, carrots (3 varieties), garlic, onions, peppers (3 varieties), tomatoes (4 varieties), broccoli, strawberries, asparagus, apples, peaches, blueberries, and blackberries. This fall we’ll be moving to leafy greens like spinach and lettuce for the cool-weather crop.

In addition to the crops, we also raise plenty of animals that give us eggs and meat. Check out our Meet the Animals page to learn more about what we raise.





We’re also proud to be part of the NoogaMade local initiative. As described on its site, “Nooga Made is a grassroots organization and trademark that exists to identify, promote, connect, and certify creations that are proudly made right here in Chattanooga, Tennessee.” While we’re located about 25 miles away from the city, we still consider ourselves part of the Chattanooga local area and we sell most of our farm goodies in Chattanooga.


Come see us at the Main Street Farmers Market from 4-6 each Wednesday to talk to one of us directly. Knowing your farmer is important!






WatermelonWe’re constantly expanding the farm’s production as well as branching out to several more Chattanooga’s farmers’ markets. We run a 22-week CSA from May till October and also sell handicrafts like homemade soap and reclaimed wood furniture. Let us know if there’s a fruit or vegetable you’d like to see us grow for our CSA. We’re always willing to experiment as we expand!

Be sure to have a look around our farm through our photos page and meet our animals!

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