10th Mar

Back to Basics

Dearest friends of White Ivy Farm, it’s been a long time since we’ve posted a blog post here, for a wide variety of reasons, but I wanted to explain a new chapter in our farm lives. Last month ended our time selling at the Main Street Farmers Market, which was a decision that came with […]

13th Mar

Ramping up for Spring

I love this time of year. Our makeshift greenhouse (it’s actually our pumphouse equipped with a heater, lights, and a fan) is full of little sprouting seedlings, our goats are shedding their winter coats, and our pasture is a rich shade of mud. OK, I’m not crazy about the jud part, but I do realize […]

19th Jan

We’re still alive!

Hey you. It’s been a while. As I look back at the last time I posted (May, 2013), flush with embarrassment, I can only use the excuse that farming is busy work. But we’ve had quite a bit going on in the last 20 (!!) months.   If you take a look over at our […]

13th May

Spring has sprung

Did you know that raising two children under the age of two is quite a chore? Who’da thunk it?! Yeah, we’ve been busy bees, but it’s all been more fun than I can describe. The kids are doing great and the farm is just now starting to get into the swing of things for the […]

21st Feb

Sweet Baby James

I probably won’t do too much in the realm of personal posts here, but I wanted to throw out a quick note to welcome our newest child to the world. Little James was born last Saturday and he and mother are doing great. This makes my fourth child and only son, so I’m excited to […]

04th Feb

Project Incubation: successful!

I bought my very first chickens at a rural side-of-the-road market in Soddy Daisy, TN from a guy selling a variety of farm animals. I talked to a co-worker at the time and he recommended that it was the best place to get a few baby chicks locally. I only wanted two or three, and […]

15th Jan

Preparing for growing season

The funny thing about winter time is the fact that I always make the mistake of thinking it’s when I’ll be able to catch up on farm projects. I say to myself, I say, “Self! With the cooler weather and no plants in the ground to tend, it’ll be easy to get that barn roof […]

26th Dec

Pallet shelf projects

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of fun making stuff out of shipping pallets. I made our hog house out of pallets, I’ve repaired some pieces of our old barn with pallet wood, and now I’ve been dabbling in making small shelves out of pallet wood. The greatest thing about wood from pallets is the […]

13th Dec

Introducing: Tundra

I love our Great Pyrenees. Smokey is one of the best dogs I’ve ever owned, and he practically raised himself out in our barn, as the breed is meant to do. He protects our goats, chickens, and geese better than anything else I can imagine. So we decided a few weeks ago that we were […]

13th Dec

Building a better hog house

For the last ten months or so, our two Yorkshire hogs had been living on an acre pasture, after they ceremoniously defeated our neglected garden earlier in the year. Since then, we’ve butchered one and the other got lonely so she escaped under some field fence to go play with the donkeys. We originally put […]